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Zambian Company Profile - Java Foods

Java Foods is a proudly Zambian company founded in 2012 with the objective of providing convenient, affordable and nutritious foods made from local ingredients.

We began operations as a trading and distribution company selling our own brand of noodles – eeZee Instant Noodles, before going into manufacturing. Java Foods now manufactures cereal – eeZee Supa Cereal (a high energy protein cereal) and Num Num Snacks (corn puffs) from our factory in Lusaka.

Monica Musonda - Java Foods Zambia CEO

We believe that buying local Zambian products first is very important because it builds our economy. By choosing to buy Zambian first, we make Zambia a priority simply by choosing to support one another. 

Why is this important?
Zambia is a young nation and we believe that building a nation requires a diverse and sustainable local economy. Everybody has a different role to play in making Zambia a great place to live for all her people.

By buying Zambian first, we do not just help build up our economy and create employment for our people – we create a sense of pride and confidence in ourselves. We set a positive example for our children and help them understand that together we can achieve anything.

National development is important, but what is more important is that every Zambian can live a life of dignity, free of extreme poverty and deprivation. 

Too often do we look to Government and foreign donors to solve challenges that we are more than able to overcome as individuals and as a people. Every country that has grown into a self-sufficient, prosperous nation has done so based on the efforts of all its people. Local business is the foundation of such success.

Why buy Zambian first?
To us it is the same as asking why you should send your children to school. Without developing our own strength and resources we fall short of the blessings and potential that our country has been endowed with. 

Without local industry we condemn ourselves, our children and future generations to continue suffering, servitude and unfulfilled potential.

More importantly we see this same seed of change and greatness in our customers. Currently, eeZee noodles is currently the leading noodle brand in Zambia all because our customers chose to buy Zambian first. Thanks to this we now also produce a nutritious instant cereal – eeZee Supa Cereal and corn puffs – Num Num Snacks.  All of this is possible because Zambians are beginning to believe in local products, brands and in themselves. 

Greatness starts at home. World class products and prosperous nations started with a commitment to self-reliance. In Zambia and as Zambians, this is where we begin our journey into greatness. 

When you buy local first, you buy into a great prosperous future for yourself, your family and our beloved motherland. Our potential is limitless; now let us show the world what we are made of!

Buy Zambian first, always and forever!

Contact - Java Foods 
Tel:      +260 976 128244 / +260 950 230923
Website (under construction):
On Twitter: @eeZeenoodles 

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