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Zambia Weights and Measures Agency worried with unlabeled and underweight products

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The Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) has expressed concern at the growing number of unlabeled and underweight products on the market.

ZWMA Public Relations Officer Mutale Chileshe says his the Agency has for this reason intensified its inspection of products on the market throughout the country.

He said it is only right for consumers to get the right quantity of the products they purchase adding that traders should make sure that the products they stock measure to the weight indicated on the package.

“We will not only hold the traders responsible for stocking underweight products, but we will trace these products back to the manufacturers and hold them liable,” said Mr. Chileshe.

Mr. Chileshe stated that the Agency is currently sensitizing both consumers and traders to educate them on regulations pertaining to weights and measures.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has urged Zambians to demand for quality products.

ZANIS News, reports that ZABS Public Relations Officer Hazel Zulu says Zambians should make sure that the products they buy are adequately labeled with a brand name, expiry date and other important information.

Mrs. Zulu said traders should make sure that the products they sell are labeled in English adding that any unlabeled products will not be allowed on the market as they are considered of substandard.

Mrs. Zulu stated that ZABS is committed to taking out substandard products off the market and sensitizing the consumer on the dangers of buying such products. -


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