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Zambian Company - M'simbi Dolls Profile

M'simbi Dolls is a registered toy business entity with a mission to influence young girls to embrace their inherent beauty and encourage them to dream, believe, achieve and in turn inspire other African girls.

​In reaching out to its customers, M'simbi Dolls is partnering with reputable distributors and retailers in Zambia and in the near future Zambia's neighbouring countries.

Our aim is to be a leading organisation that encourages girls and women to embrace their natural beauty and the release of their full potential.

We currently have five beautiful dolls depicting the diverse natural African skin tones and hair texture. These are Mapalo, Kondwani, Limpo, Towela and Luyando. They are 45cm and are made out of vinyl plastic giving them durability and are safe for children.

Retail price K299.

Contact details for M'simbi -

Mobile: 260955805626
IG: @msimbidolls

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