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ZAMTEL has 2 million customers

August 2017 - Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr. Sydney Mupeta said Zamtel’s performance has continued to improve, recording consistent positive revenue since May due to prudent resource utilisation and exciting product offers, including the recently launched Zamtel Kwacha.

Mr Mupeta said Zamtel has continued to show great potential for growth on both its Fixed and Mobile business segments. He added that the firm remains focused on pushing growth barriers out of the way to aggressively grow the business to turn it into a viable and profitable company before the end of the year.
“Zamtel remains committed to investing in network expansion and increased capacity aimed at improving customer experience, accelerated customer acquisition and revenue growth,” said Mr Mupeta.
“To celebrate the 2 million customer milestone, Zamtel is giving all its valued customers a free on-net offer of 20 MB of data 20 minutes voice and 20 SMSs to be redeemed within two weekends of the offer by dialling short code 9595,” he said.
June, 2017 - ZAMTEL Chief Marketing Officer Lho-Zindaaba Sakala says the company’s subscriber base has grown to close to two million as of 25th June, 2017. Ms Sakala says this has necessitated the need to upgrade the system.
She says the system is currently being upgraded to a broader base following the overwhelming levels of new customers Zamtel has attracted in the recent past.

Ms Sakala says this has affected the effective delivery of services to Zamtel users around the country. She has since appealed to Zamtel customers to bear with the company as it works to upgrade its system so as to improve service delivery.

Meanwhile Zamtel has announced the upgrading of its retail outlets, in Chilenje, twin palm and levy malls with different types of phones of several brands costing from as low as 109 kwacha to as high 9,500 kwacha most of which are bundled with data, free messaging and voice calls.

Source Lusaka Times Website 

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