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Zambian Company - Zoona (2016 TopZedBrands Finalist)

Zoona - Top Zed Brands Finalist for 2016.

Zoona empowers young Zambians
Zoona is a Zambian born, purpose-driven African Fintech Start-Up with one core objective – helping communities thrive. 

Zoona was established in 2009 when Brett and Brad Magrath, a pair of brothers born in Kitwe, decided to build a business solution to combat financial exclusion and invest in local entrepreneurs. Brett and Brad saw that there was a dire need for people to be able to easily, quickly, and more importantly, safely, send money when they need to most. 

With this in mind, they sought to provide technology, capital and business support to emerging entrepreneurs in Africa by creating a money transfer platform which not only creates entrepreneurs, but has helped 1.5 million consumers send more than $1.2bil in transaction value. 
Since then, Zoona has invested in more than 1500 emerging entrepreneurs across 3 African markets, which has resulted in job creation and the strengthening of local economies in Zambia, Malawi as well as Mozambique. 

Zoona also strives to drive impact by providing essential services to communities, and by specifically targeting young women with no formal job experience, and supporting their transformation from job-seekers to thriving business owners. 

Zoona the ideal Mobile money tool

Zoona drives the supporting of local entrepreneurs to such an extent that it is the core of their business model and one of their key company values! It is therefore not hard to see why they wholeheartedly encourage the supporting of local brands and the growth of local business owners. They believe that there is a huge amount of untapped potential in Africa, and they are endeavoring to unleash it!

Zoona also recently partnered with popular Zambian social media blogger and activist, Mwansa Bwale and successfully facilitated a “Helping Communities Thrive” social media campaign in which they aimed to highlight female entrepreneurs and/or change agents who have a positive impact in their communities. The campaign was met with great enthusiasm and three young women were chosen to receive cash prizes which they used to help those in need in their respective communities.

Zoona was selected by The Nike Foundation and The Unreasonable Group as one of the top ten companies in the world best positioned to take girls out of poverty.

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Zoona is easy to access
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