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Zambian Company - UMOYO (2016 Top Zed Brands Finalist)

In 2016 you nominated and voted for this list of the '2016 TopZedBrands Winner and Finalists'. And on that list we have a total of 10 Zambian brands that you support and love. UMOYO, was one of the TOP 3 brands (on a list of 10). We asked them to let us (and you), know why they think it is important for Zambians to 'Buy Local and Zambian First'. 

Supporting Local - Text and Photos courtesy of UMOYO

It’s often quoted that 50% of businesses fail within their first year and 95% fail within five years. So kudos to those brave individuals who have decided to go down the entrepreneurial route and start their own business.

Certainly, I had no idea what I was embarking on when I started Umoyo Natural Health back in 2008. With pretty much zero business experience I recon the odds were stacked against me quite heavily, but what I did have, was a burning passion for health and an unwavering determination that this was what I was going to do.  If only I had known then what I know now, but of course that knowledge was built gradually over time by trying things out, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. And I must admit that I am probably more grateful for having experienced the journey than I am of the end result.

Today Umoyo has a strong recognizable brand (thank you everyone that voted for us as one of Zambia’s top brands!!!) and operates seven retail Health Shops (and a recently launched Online Shop – check it out at with a planned continued expansion of several new shops in the next couple of years.

I am proud of this Zambian company and the dedicated team of individuals who were part of its growth from its very humble beginnings. But the journey does not stop here. Every day we strive to make Umoyo better. More efficient, better customer service, wider range of products, happier employees, and so on. Although we strive for excellence, we often miss the mark. I have made peace with this (I’m a perfectionist), but know that at least we tried and keep trying, every day moving forward, however small the progress may be.

Like Umoyo, there are many other great Zambian brands and businesses around.

"We should definitely “Support Local”, but not just because they are Zambian. As a business owner, I want people to shop at Umoyo because they like what we do and offer".

In the last few years, local businesses have certainly stepped up their game and it is crucial that we continue to do so. That way, we stand a much better chance of thriving rather than just surviving, and also offering products and services that are really on par with the rest of the region and the world beyond.

I don’t want people to support Umoyo just because we are a local Zambian company, I want them to support Umoyo because we are the best at what we do… and it is up to us to make sure that we are!

Umoyo Natural Health
0966 800 600

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