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Trade Kings - Joins Buy Zambian the campaign in a big way

The Trade Kings Group has launched its flagship product Boom Bubble Plus campaign for 2017.

The campaign titled By Zambians, for Zambia (Buy Zambian for Zambia) has been created to promote unity and peace among Zambians while also inspiring the spirit of patriotism for Zambians to embrace Zambian-made products.
In line with the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s call on Zambians to embrace local goods and services during his State of the Nation Address on March 17th 2017, the campaign which is spearheaded by a television advert is airing on all major broadcasters countrywide.

It features messages in seven different Zambian languages among them Bemba, Kaonde, Lozi, Namwanga, Nyanja, Tonga as well as English which goes to reinforce the key theme of unity in diversity.

It encompasses an anthem that is presented in Zambia’s major languages promoting peace, unity and harmony and shows the diversity and beauty of Zambia as presented in Zambia’s various geographical locations.
As has traditionally been the case since 2012 when Trade Kings used AFCON winning coach Herve Renard to take the iconic brand to the next level, Trade Kings this year has gone further to promote national and local relevance of buying local products – not just Boom, but all products Zambian.

“As with everything that goes on around us, nothing makes us prouder than something that we can truly call “ours”. Having been in Zambia for over 20 years, the Boom product has gone from strength to strength – from a paste that took the Zambian market by storm to a powder than competes and surpasses some of the best international brands in terms of quality and price,” said James Songwe, Trade Kings Media Manager.

The campaign which can also be viewed on Trade Kings Zambia Facebook page has variations of radio adverts with a similar theme which will also air countrywide on state-owned, private and community radio stations countrywide.
“Being an indigenously owned Zambian company, Trade Kings thought it apt to introduce an active “buy local” campaign to boost local business and to grow the regional economy. But in order to make this work, consumers need frequent and convincing reminders of the benefits of buying locally-made products,” Mr Songwe said.

He added, “In many countries, buy local initiatives and campaigns are increasing in momentum. Support for local industry and buying local programs often go hand-in-hand. The term “buy local” is fairly broad and each community may determine their own policies and guidelines for determining this definition.”
The campaign lists the advantages of local purchasing, demonstrating that more money stays in the community, local jobs are created and sustained, the local community and economy are strengthened and the quality of life is improved.
“This has always been Trade Kings’ vision from inception – to improve lives of the ordinary people,” Mr Songwe said.


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