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Zambian Company - ISCHOOL.ZM (2016 TopZedBrands Finalist)

iSchool Zambia was founded in 2011, and launched its first educational tablet “ZedUPad” onto the market in 2013 and later re-branded from ZEduPad to iSchool tablet in 2015. The educational tablet has recently undergone another re-brand and is now called the Mwabu tablet. The Mwabu educational tablet has the same great interactive elearning content but with new features like being able to download other educational apps from Google Play store, a sim card slot, Bluetooth and a camera that will allow children to take and store pictures on their tablet!. The Mwabu tablet is designed to enhance the quality of education in the country.

The tablet contains lessons in English and 8 major Zambian local languages, with 5000 lesson plans for teachers, 2500 interactive lessons and activities following the Zambian curriculum, reading schemes, books and stories, dictionary, Grade 7 examination practice and revision. It is a Zambian product, aligned to the national curriculum, and offering tailored support from early learners up to grade seven.

With 100,000 children all over the country already using iSchool, iSchool has ambitious plans for expansion. Independent evaluations demonstrated significant results on learning achievement, in all possible environments – rural and urban, electrified or not, community schools, private schools and Government schools, and at home as well. 

Besides the benefit to Zambian children, iSchool is proud that a home-grown product is set to expand. A revised version of the product has been launched in South Africa, and it is also being used by NGOs in a number of other countries.

iSchool’s expansion into other markets will certainly benefit Zambia. Our origins are in Zambia, and our experienced team is critical to implementation in other countries. Various aspects of the regional business depend on our expertise, experience and management. We are delighted that we are starting to supply effective solutions to education problems that affect our whole region.

For iSchool, it is also important that our young learners in Zambia feel connected with the modern world, and know that they can lead by example. By bringing our ed-tech product to ordinary communities, often with internet and solar power, we help children to realise that they are able to engage with modern technology. We are daily impressed by their determination, and we are proud that other countries are seeking to emulate the successes of our young Zambians.

Think Zambia First + Buy Zambian First = Being a Zambian
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Physical Address: Head Office, along Independence Avenue Plot Number 344
Shop Address: Shop at Manda Hill Mall near game Stores.

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