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Dot Com Zambia to Launch Global e-Commerce Platform for Zambian Companies

Photo via Dot Com Zambia Facebook page

Dot Com Zambia is proud to announce that it will be launching its “E-Business Solutions for small and medium sized Zambian companies” on July 1, 2017. The E-Business initiative is a multi-dimensional project that will result in the creation of a local and global e-commerce platform that Zambian companies can use to market and sell their goods locally and internationally

The domestic and COMESA regional platform will be operated out of Dot Com Zambia’s Lusaka and Kitwe offices, while companies will be able to utilize Dot Com Zambia’s warehouses in the UK and USA as a fulfillment center for the global platform. The global platform will include access to major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay as well as wholesale exchanges for manufacturing enterprises seeking to explore opportunities like the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). The initiative will touch multiple entrepreneurs and businesses so that there are economies of scale and all companies have access to training, logistics solutions, group marketing, business development support and e-commerce business platforms to market and sell their products.

The project to empower local Zambian companies and entrepreneurs through e-commerce is being supported by Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ), a five-year programme funded by UK aid from the British Government, that is building and strengthening the capacity of Zambian micro, small and medium enterprises in the private sector. This project will be open to people from all relevant sectors who can benefit from a global e-commerce platform for their trading activities. Women as well as men, manufacturing or selling export quality goods, are being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to get involved both in local and international business through the programme. The project has kicked off with local Zambian companies and entrepreneurs being encouraged to apply to participate in the program by contacting Dot Com Zambia at their offices in Lusaka or by going to the following

Speaking in Lusaka, Mawano Kambeu, CEO of Dot Com Zambia, said, “The immediate objective of the investment is to work with 50 local Zambian companies, over a period of 12 months, by providing them access to a wider market through technology, and If we can help our local businesses increase their sales, they will increase their capacity and in the process create employment.” Mr. Kambeu further stated, “The long term goal is to create a sustainable revenue generating business platform, with low barriers to entry, that is easily accessible to local Zambian companies to do business at a local and global level through e-commerce.”

Speaking on behalf of PEPZ, Michelle Shinondo, Business Development Services Officer PEPZ said, “Our focus is on encouraging small businesses to use and benefit from e-commerce”. She also mentioned that PEPZ is working with individual companies to help them benefit directly from e-commerce. “We also challenge ourselves and other stakeholders and partners to make e-commerce more inclusive for small firms.” She commended Dot Com Zambia for its tailor-made and timely e-Commerce initiative because enterprises need support from anyone and everyone who has the capacity to loop them in and draw them towards business opportunities that are lucrative and allow their businesses to grow.

Mr. Kambeu concluded his remarks by thanking PEPZ for their support and with an appeal to other stakeholders to support this initiative, in kind and through the donation of resources that can be challenging to access, especially for smaller entrepreneurs, such as banking services, access to capital and access to internet communication. Dot Com Zambia is also reaching out to the business community and well-wishers to help provide kiosk spaces at premium retail locations where some of the best “Made in Zambia” goods can be displayed and sold as a complement to the e-commerce platforms. He states, “If this initiative is supported and local Zambian companies produce quality goods that are readily available locally and internationally, it will help grow the local economy, create jobs and empower Zambian companies and entrepreneurs”.


Mawano Kambeu
Dot Com Zambia
30 Manda Hill Road
Olympia Park, Lusaka
Tel: 097-7745582

Michelle Shinondo
Private Enterprise Programme Zambia
5 Katemo Road, 
Rhodes Park, Lusaka
Tel: +260 211 259 974

About Dot Com Zambia (

Dot Com Zambia launched by Mawano Kambeu, is a technology company that specializes in e-commerce platforms and logistics for the Zambian market. The platforms include an online shopping mall, personal shopping service & technology services. Operating formally since 2009, Dot Com Zambia is establishing itself as a pioneer in the e-commerce industry in Zambia. Under Mr. Kambeu’s tenure, the company has grown from a one man self-funded $17,000 operation in 2009, to a major technology company with offices and staff in multiple countries around the world including the USA and UK. Dot Com Zambia’s vision is to become and remain a leading African e-commerce company that, through technology backed solutions, facilitates the transaction of products and services between buyers and sellers.

About the Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (

Funded by UK aid, the Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ) is a five-year programme that is building and strengthening the capacity of Zambian micro, small and medium enterprises in the private sector. PEPZ works with all types of businesses, from start-up entrepreneurs to established firms, in order help diversify the Zambian economy and to create jobs.

The PEPZ Business Development Services component aims to promote and accelerate the growth of forward-thinking small and medium sized companies by improving their access to effective business development and advisory services. They provide financial assistance to qualified providers of business development practitioners who are seeking to provide quality operational, strategic or training support to small and medium sized firms.

Original post published on 22 May, 2017 on the DCZ Facebook page.


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