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Zambian Company - Kamanga Wear (2016 Top Zed Brands Finalist)

In 2016 you nominated and voted for this list of the '2016 TopZedBrands Winner and Finalists'. And on that list we have a total of 10 Zambian brands that you support and love. Kamanga Wear , was one of those brands. We asked them to let us (and you), know why they think it is important for Zambians to 'Buy Local and Zambian First'. 

Why Buy Local Fashion?By Fay Sowden

Kamanga Wear is a Zambian Ethnic Eclectic ready-to-wear brand that offers an alternative to international mass produced garments. Since its inception six years ago, the Kamanga Wear brand has managed to grow from a fully dependent start-up into a self-sufficient small scale business. It has successfully managed to develop a business model that designs, produces, markets and sells a clothing line that is without doubt one of Zambia’s leading locally produced ready-to-wear women’s clothing lines. This couldn’t have been possible without support of our local customer base. 
Kamanga Wear aspires to be a leadin…

ZRA on the hunt for unpaid tax, but there is no hurry

ZRA targets to raise K8 billion in penalties amnestyThe Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has targeted to raise over K8 billion in an amnesty on interest and penalties launched today.
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has told a media briefing that the amnesZRA CG Chandaty will run from 24th April to 31st July, 2017.Mr. Chanda says during this period, taxpayers are expected to submit all outstanding tax returns and pay all their principal tax liabilities for tax periods prior to 1st March, 2017.He explains that all waivers of interest and penalties shall be granted upon submission of outstanding returns and full payment of principal tax liabilities.Mr. Chanda has however, stated that the amnesty will not apply to cases under litigation, investigation, interest and penalties arising from an audit or investigation, interest and penalties relating to property transfer tax, among other such cases.Meanwhile, Mr Chanda has disclosed that the authority has in the last two weeks impounded…

Deadline for Mandatory seat belts on buses extended

Ministry of Transport has extended the grace period for public service vehicles to be fitted with seat belts from June 1st 2017 to December 2018.
Minister of Transport Brian Mushimba says the extension of the grace period is to allow for smooth implementation of the law.Mr. Mushimba says the ministry needs to engage the Ministry of Finance on mechanisms of tax relief to importers of mini buses that will be fitted with seat belts.The Minister says the current buses in the country do not have a provision for seat belts to be fitted.Mr. Mushimba says a ban on the importation of such vehicles has been put in place and the extension is necessary for this law to be effected.He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.Story via Lusaka Times
Image via JCDecadux website.

Zicta is having a 'busy' week.

According to various news outlets, the Zambia Information Technology on Tuesday afternoon raided CEC Liquid Telecom Headquarters to confiscate equipment allegedly used in phone tapping and 'other' (take a wild guess what this means) illegal activities. Some equipment was also seized at another company firm during in the operation which saw ZICTA raid four other IT firms. For full story click hereAfter the raid, CEC LIQUID TELECOM PRESS STATEMENT ON RAID BY ZICTA AND STATE POLICE YESTERDAYWE wish to advise that the CEC Liquid Telecom office was visited yesterday by the ZICTA Compliance Enforcement team as part of their compliance enforcement relating to unlicensed international operators suspected of using CEC Liquid Telecom’s infrastructure. In the process, certain PoPs were selected.CEC Liquid Telecom is cooperating fully with ZICTA in this regard to ensure swift resolution of this matter.Kindly note that services to customers contracted and billed directly by CEC Liquid Tele…

Mutati dates IMF

Minister of Finance Felix Mutati is next week expected in the United States of America for the 2017 spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund -IMF- and the World Bank Group slated for Washington.Mr. Mutati will be accompanied by Minister of National Planning and Development Lucky Mulusa and is expected to attend the Africa Group One Constituency meeting at which he sits on the board.The Spring meetings bring together Ministers of Finance, Ministers of Development, governors of Central Banks and civil society organizations to discuss among others global economic affairs.Several meetings are expected to be held between the Zambian delegation and representatives of cooperating partners.Mr. Mutati is also expected to speak at the Youth Platform Breakfast that will discuss the best ways to support the full participation of young people in the economy and in society.And Mr. Mulusa is expected to speak at the high-Level panel discussion on refugees crisis in Africa and its impact on…

REA to resume construction of Kasanjiku mini Hydro Power station in Mwinilunga

Rural Electrification Authority (REA) Corporate Affairs Manager Justine Mukosa has said works on Kasanjiku Mini Hydro Power Station in Chief Ntambu’s area in Mwinilunga District in Northern Province will resume in May.Speaking at a media briefing Thursday, Mukosa explained that the Hydro Power project went on recess in November last year as a result of  heavy rains.He said the authority will commence the construction on the water canal, the dam, power house, multi-facility building, and other support structures like staff houses.Mukosa also disclosed that K 40.6 Million has been set aside for the project this year with a total cost of US$ 8.7 Dollars for the completion of the project by 2018.“We are resuming our project in may which went on recess owing to heavy rains this year ” Mukosa said.Story via Lusaka TimesPhoto via Zambia Daily Mail

ZNFU deeply disturbed by farmers who are selling their produce for a song

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) is deeply disturbed by farmers who have resorted to selling maize at K50 per 50kg bag and soya beans at K80 per 50kg bag and has called on them to be patient.Speaking when he met District Farmers Associations (DFAs) of Western Province in Kaoma yesterday, April 11, 2017, ZNFU president Jervis Zimba said he is disappointed at the desperation by some farmers who are being cheated out of their produce by briefcase buyers. He said such levels of desperation could even see farmers exchanging their produce for salaula (second hand clothes).“ZNFU understands that this year will be full of challenges because prices will be poor. This is because Government has continued interfering in the marketing of agriculture produce, especially maize. The 10% tax on maize exports is affecting farmers badly. Then we have grain levies by council, we also have toll fees … this season farmers will make nothing,” Mr. Zimba said.Original story via Lusaka Times.Photo via…

'Lusaka's dreadlocked entrepreneurs'

A great short video of 'Zambia's young businessmen are doing things differently to their parent's generation, starting with rebellious hair.' Source: CNN

link to Video via CNN.COM