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2016 Top Zed Brands - WINNER

Thank you one and all! You nominated and voted for 'The Top 10 Brands in Zambia' for 2016.

See the list below.

1. Trade Kings (

2. Zoona (

3. Umoyo (

4. Media365 (

5. (

6. Proflight Zambia (

7. Kamanga Wear (

8. It's Wild ( )

9. MaFashio (

10. Barefeet Theatre (

Many congratulations to the ones that made it on the list and a HUGE thank you for your participation in the nomination & voting process.

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Plan your next trip to Livingston via your mobile phone

You can do this via Savannah Southern Safaris who have a mobile app (for android), that you can download. They offer a memorable experience in Livingstone through a variety of tour packages, customised to suit the individual interests of clients. This includes birding, exclusive rhino walks, game drives, walking safaris and village tours led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. Visitors will be shown the best places, hot-spots, sites and attractions available. The Savannah Southern Safaris team is happy to arrange transfers and entry to parks and museums, allowing clients to enjoy a stress free visit.

Zambia - 2017 Budget Address by Mutati, (Minister of Finance) Delivered to the National Assembly on Friday, 11th November, 2016

Here is a link to the 23 page long 2017 Zambia National Budget

Some points from the budget presented by Mr Mutati: -


By Mbuyu Lucas Makayi

Often I have been asked in frustrated tones by many non-developer friends as to why we don’t have services like Uber or Lyft in our country, and yet we have creative app developers like myself (their words not mine). I understand their frustration− they just want to have such services for those nights when they need to get home after working overtime at the office.
In those times I always have had to painfully explain to them why we don’t have such services− telling them how monetization is one of the major problems being faced by the developer community and how it has led to many startup ideas not seeing the light of day−which shouldn’t be the case when have strong systems like Mobile Money that can provide the payment infrastructure needed to make them a success.
In this post, I will highlight why I believe Mobile money has a greater role in expanding the struggling Zambian app economy.
The arrival of Mobile Money services in Zambia has disrupted the way busine…

Zambian 'Agri firm Zambeef swings to 'excellent' €7.8m profit'

Zambeef, the Zambia-based agri firm co-founded by Limerick native Francis Grogan, has swung to an $8.96m (€7.87m) profit after tax in the first six months of its financial year, new figures have shown.
Profit after tax at the company was up significantly year-on- year after the firm posted a net loss of $3.86m in the same period last year. Despite the increase in profits, revenue fell from $102.14m to $98.82m year on year.
The firm also managed to reduce its administration expenses from $36.6m to $27.5m. Zambeef chairman Dr Jacob Mwanza said the firm's positive results were down to its staff.

"Their efforts, driven by the board's clear strategic focus, will enable Zambeef to achieve its vision of becoming a major provider of cold chain food products to Zambia and the region. "With the strong focus on the retailing operations, Zambeef is confident that this robust performance will continue, demonstrating the resilience of the group's business model," he said…

The ‘Buy Zambian’ campaign lives on

PROUDLY Zambian! Not very long ago we saw adverts hitting the media compelling Zambians to buy local products. I will not be wrong to guess that this was after they saw similar campaigns in South Africa, as we are good at being reactive and not proactive. We saw ‘Uncle K’ being featured in some adverts on our national television as well as the legendary Jeff Sitali – ‘Mr Cavity’. However, this drive has died a natural death because we no longer see such; we are back to buying South African chocolates. In any case, do we have any factory making chocolates in Zambia?
   I don’t know whether this campaign had any impact on my buying behaviour because I convinced myself earlier that I needed to support the local industries if they were to thrive. However, I will not do this at the expense of compromising on quality. I should brag here that I am amongst the few Zambians that are patriotic and I want to share with you some of my buying habits in this column. In 2012/13, I worked quite cl…

Amended Constitution of Zambia

This document is not authored by Top Zed Brands. We have the documents thanks to social media. Happy reading.

Amended Constitution of Zambia (Docs 1 of 2)

Amended Constitution of Zambia (Docs 2 of 2)