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Top Zed (Zambian) Brands 2015

The ‘Top Zed Brands 2015’ winner has been picked from the votes made by you (the public & followers) on and off social media as part of the Buy Zambian campaign run by a dedicated group of volunteers & proud Zambians with your continued support.

Like in 2013 and 2014, we asked you to make your nominations, and from those nominations we created a voting form via google+. For the 2014 winner please see previous blog posts.
For 2015 we asked you to let us know, what you think of our ‘Buy Zambian’ campaign. Thank you for your many views (supportive and critical). We will look over them and continue to work towards possible version we can be as a (volunteer powered) campaign.

Enough rumbling as you must want to know who the Top Zed Brands 2015 winner is:

  1. Trade Kings Zambia - (
  2. Cavmont Bank (
  3. Umoyo (
  4. Zambeef (
  5. Mazhandu Family Bus Services (
  6. Proflight Zambia (
  7. R&G Events (
  8. Its Wild ( and Onbrd Solutions (
  9. Zoona (
  10. Freshview Cinemas (

The categories (these brands belong to) that you nominated and voted for are as follows Mobile Money and financial services; technology; Industrial and Manufacturing; Entertainment and Leisure; Food and Drink; Personal Products, Retail and Goods made in Zambia; Travel and Tourism.

A great 2016 to you and yours. May we all have the success, health and happiness we deserve in 2016.

Note: Top Zed (Zambian) Brands is a yearly event where the top 10 Zambian brands are picked by you, the public. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.


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