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Support Local #BuyZambian

Guest blog post by Jeff Kamuchele

This one is for my very vocal generation [20, 30, 40- somethings].

K10 for a single $1... 1,2,3- 10 Kwachas for one U.S. Dollar.

That is our new-Normal. We can either sit and complain about it till our faces turn black-n-blue OR we can do something about it.

Here's my humble suggestion: Support the local manufacturing industry. This will help keep and create jobs locally as well as help boost our currency. From meat products, processed vegetables, bath soaps, washing powders ‪#‎GoodbyeOmoHelloBoom‬, matches, candles, energy saver bulbs (shed your own load while you complain), fruit drinks, processed emeralds, carbonated drinks, snacks, fish products, packaged rice, grain, newspapers and magazines, local fashion designs, shoes, bottled water, dairy products, paintings and art pieces, furniture...the list of goods that we manufacture locally is quite endless as it is diverse {come to think of it}.

Zambia is at a point where she is trying to graduate from a predominantly Extractive (Primary) Economy into a Manufacturing (Secondary) Economy. We aim to be a prosperous Middle Income nation by the year 2030- nobody said it'll be a walk in the park. How's about we HELP our country achieve her targets and get to where we aim to be.

Zambian Kapenta, White beans and Groundnuts

The much needed FOREX that everybody is ((now)) crying for can only be earned if we export more of our own produce. One effective way to do that is to SUPPORT and GROW the local manufacturing base to a point where we can satisfy local demand and hence start to export our products to other nations.. However, it starts with YOU as a Zambian citizen forking out your (now seemingly worthless) Kwachas and buying locally produced goods.

In conclusion: For me to say that our ATTITUDE over the passed couple of months has been nothing short of "Rotten" would be highly understating a fact. Stop focusing on the negatives- our weaknesses, where we went wrong, who is to blame.... ENOUGH with the complaining!! Come up with positive suggestions on how we can persevere through this rough patch and focus on some of our strengths... YOU make a deliberate decision to help your country!! That's my two cents on this matter. ‪#‎ItStartsWithYOU‬ ‪#‎BuyZambian‬ ‪#‎LoveZambian‬ ‪#‎HelpZambiaGrow‬ Please share if you care smile emoticon. 

Via Jeff Kamuchele's Facebook page. 


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