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Revive Buy Zambia campaign


Government should revive the buy Zambia campaign to encourage consumption of locally produced goods and services, Ndola and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NDCCI) has said.

NDCCI publicity secretary Paul Chisunka said increasing domestic consumption of locally produced goods and services will create enormous economic benefits and promote national pride and unity.

“To induce financial capacity, there is need to enact a preferential Governmental spending legislation such as the buy Zambia concept. Government and all its line ministries should be compelled to prefer Zambian-made products in their purchases,” Mr Chisunka told journalists at a press briefing in Ndola on Wednesday.
He also said Government and stakeholders to be chief advocates to sensitise, encourage organisation and individuals to buy local goods and services.

He commended Government on strides made in attracting foreign direct investment despite economic challenges being faced in key sectors.

The chamber has suggested that Government restricts and limits foreign participation in economic sectors of strategic importance such as mining, farming, manufacturing, transportation and communication, construction, tourism, services and other areas.

He said insisting on equitable partnerships between foreign firms and local companies, as is the case in many countries, can also be considered.

Meanwhile, the DDCCI has urged Government to introduce anti-dumping legislation which should censor cheaper foreign goods and services that have the propensity to force local firms to close down or become less competitive.

Government should also introduce anti-monopoly legislation to curb monopolistic tendencies of some companies that tend to squeeze out other local businesses.

This falls in line with a previous blog post '10 reasons why you should buy local' , join the movement. 


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