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Load-shedding solutions

By Alick Nyirenda & TopZedBrands

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures thanks to a nonexistent load-shedding schedule we have been pushed to the brink of our wits and patience over the the past couple of weeks and even months or longer for some. We just had to dedicate a few long hours to this post in genuine save ourselves mode but also for good old public service. 

Zambia electricity supply company logo

No one deserves to live under constant darkness, gadgets all at 10% battery power, cereal for dinner and obscene charcoal prices‼ This is basically how every city in Zambia is at this point in time. This crippling and now almost everyday occurrence is known as LOAD-SHEDDING. For those unaware of what this term actually refers to, load-shedding is the action of reducing the demand (load) on a system. In this case it will be referring to the load on the energy generating capacity of our main hydroelectric power plants that supply the nation with electricity or if you take quick look at google for a definition, you get 'action to reduce the load on something, especially the interruption of an electricity supply to avoid excessive load on the generating plant.' 

The Zambia Electricity Supply Company - ZESCO (Zambia’s main power producing company) has attributed the continued load-shedding in the country to the low water levels arising from inadequate rainfall received this year and constrained transmission and distribution capacities*. We could ask a lot of questions as to why this is so but that isn't what I had in mind when writing this (although I do have tonnes of questions for past and present ZESCO management). The fact is we will not have electricity for approximately 8 hours each day in most areas and well quite frankly it looks like a hopeless situation ( a very desperate time). Well we have no choice but to resort to other means of surviving in these ‘power’ or electricity dependant urban lifestyles that we have acquired over the past half a century or longer

             Source: Zed Memes (Facebook page)
Let me get right to it then and begin to hail a few of these other technologies that the scientists call renewable energy. Renewable energy (hydro-power included) is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. So what alternate forms of power generation can easily be applied in our Zambian context? The obvious one that comes to mind is solar power. We have the perfect climate. We have sunshine all year round and very light cloud cover. So the question is: How do we get our hands on some solar power? It’s not like the sun’s rays will just deposit some units into our meter boxes and voila we can watch some soccer on the tele.

Well we have a few companies in Zambia that sell technology that can harness that solar power and give you electricity (of course it was going to be about #LocalBusiness…….#SupportLocal and #BuyQualityZambian remember). In this blog post I want to highlight three companies found in and around Zambia.

1. VITALITE Zambia - 

VITALITE Zambia is a company in constant pursuit of innovative market approaches to addressing energy and environmental challenges. They provide various home solutions that are all solar powered. Their contact details are as follows :-  

Address - 

25 Joseph Mwilwa Road, Rhodespark
Lusaka, Zambia.

Tel: +260 978 431684

Website -

They can also be found on twitter for more information look for @VITALITEZambia on our Twitter Top Zed Brands list of companies feel free to subscribe to it (If you are on twitter). 

Source: Vitalite group website (

2. Muhanya Solar - 

Muhanya Solar Limited is a fully registered Zambian company that has been around since 2005. It specialises in the design, supply and installation of solar power electric systems for schools, homes, telecommunication systems, vaccine refrigeration and solar water pumping systems, standby power systems and domestic solar hot water systems. It works to provide sustainable energy solutions to the public through the use of renewable energy technologies.

Their contact details are:


7928 Chozi Road, Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box: PostNet 297, PBag E10, Lusaka, Zambia

Mobile:  +260 975 998340, 
     +260 955 882152, 
     +260 977 440849.

3. Suntech Zambia Ltd.

Is another company our research led us to it was set up in 1993, Suntech has significant experience in the solar and renewable energy industry in Zambia. Suntech specialises in solar energy systems for homes and businesses in Zambia. They advise on and supply solar panels and solar equipment as well as other maintenance and training services. They also provide power protection equipment and power backup systems.

Their contact details are below:

Tel: +260 (0) 211 229 758
Fax: +260 (0) 211 226 480
Mobile: +260 (0) 955 781 099
          or +260 (0) 977 772 290

Physical Address: 20/1504 Mungulube Road,
   Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia.

Thanks to our research you and yours can now consider yourselves well armed and ready to fight off load shedding and at the same time you’ll be #BuyingZambian and #SupportingLocalBiz.

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*statement from ZESCO Senior Manager Marketing and Public Relations Bessie Banda (source:

Disclaimer - This blog post only serves as a source of information we are in no way responsible for the products and services that these companies claim to offer. 


  1. Completely agree... Green energy is the future for all of us. This blog share very nice information. Thanks for sharing
    Yossi Abu


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