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Zambia - 'We should reduce imports to survive' – Mukanga

Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga says there is need for the country to reduce dependence on imported materials and services and work towards localising value and supply chain.

Speaking in a speech read by Deputy Minister Mutaba Mwali at the Foundation workshop for the establishment of the Zambia Green Building Association (ZGBA) in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mukanga said Zambia needs to strengthen the building construction industry as it will continue to contribute to job creation and enterprise development.

“This needed gradual change is also one of the objectives of our Zambia Green jobs programme in collaboration with the United Nations system and the private sector,” he said.
Mr Mukanga said green buildings will contribute to a more sustainable approach in terms of alternative materials used and water and energy-saving technologies applied in building construction including waste management and sanitation.

He said green buildings will ensure a better quality of living for the Zambian population, combining functionality with equality. “In striving to establish a Zambia Green Building Association, Zambia joins the ranks of Namibia, Kenya and South Africa where green building councils and associations already have been established and have proven their effectiveness in transforming the building construction industry,” Mr Mukanga said.

Mr Mukanga said the ministry will continue to nourish and nurture relationships with counterparts from within the region. He said forming a green building association is timely because a delegation of government officials, members of the business community and other stakeholders completed a tour to Nairobi last year which included a meeting with the Kenya Green Building Society.
“As a result of the exchange of ideas during this visit, Zambian stakeholders decided to collaborate and form a Zambia Green Building Association,” he said.


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