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Top Zed Brands 2014 Winner

Is Belleza Models

Who was picked from your nominations and votes via our Nomination and Voting Tool/Form* on Social Media. Belleza Models recived the most nominations under the fashion ccategory 

We got more participants (during nominations and voting) this year than in 2013. We are grateful for your continued support, publicly and privately. This project is for you and yours. We need to think beyond Zambia, when it comes to our products and services in all industries. We hope companies and business consider the impact of a social media powered ranking of the Top '10' Zambian Brands as a positive step in the right direction. 

Social Media is increasingly important in todays business industry. A strong brand, that is easily recognized has become even more important. The company that successfully uses these tools is most likely to have a wider reach. 

So, for the 2014 edition of Top Zed Brands the runners up for Top Zed Brands 2014, who each represent a different category, from Agricultural Services to Personal, Retail products and goods, are the following :- 

2. Entertainment - Kountapoint

3. Agricultural Products -  SARO Agri Equipment

4. Travel - Mazhandu Family Bus Services

5. Retail - Foxdale Court

6. Financial Services - Zoona

7. Food and Drink - Eezee Noodles by Java Foods

8. Entertainment - Retunes Promotion & Distribution Ltd

9. Fashion - Mafashio Fashion Blog

10. Personal Products - Umoyo

A hearty congratulations to all who, made the list.

*We considered most of your feedback from 2013. We hope to make a bigger and better impact in 2015.


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