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Social Enterprise in Livingstone, Zambia

On a recent trip to Livingstone, in Southern Zambia, I got a chance to get involved with and find out more about Boernings Dreams, a social enterprise/business project, that is working in partnership with some community based organisations (CBO's).

Boernings Dreams is a company working in Zambia, whose main focus is a social initiative with the following goals; 

- Empowerment of women and 

- Education of underprivileged children through entrepreneurship. 

Boernings Dreams has been and continues to work with various CBO's including Kwathu Children's Home, an orphanage and Kazungula Widows Association, a women's group; See link:

Both organisations provide Boernings Dreams with authentic hand crafted Zambian artifacts, ranging from jewellery to clothing and handbags, which are then sold in order to help sustain their work by paying for some of their everyday expenses. You can support Boernings Dreams by liking and sharing (with friends and family), the Boernings Dreams Facebook Page, by clicking on above link. The Facebook page has regular updates on items and products available for you to buy. 

I particularly, believe in this project, because it is working on what I consider to be a sustainable social enterprise model that works to directly empower a group or groups (of orphans and women) that would otherwise, struggle to find a market for their handmade goods. 

I am hopeful, that this partnership will have a bright future. 


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