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Bana Junior - 'Eating out at my local restaurant'

It’s a Friday afternoon and the campus is buzzing because everyone is getting off early today. First thing that pops into their head is “where are we going to get lunch”. We go through the usual list. Someone suggests one of the fast foods at manda-hill. Another guy says Arcades, they have a cool café‼ But then one lady says there’s a place behind the railway tracks (PS: the railway tracks is the most desolate and obscure part of the school). Everyone has a brief laugh only to realise moments later she’s dead serious. We all weigh in and go back and forth but eventually its settled.
Off we go to the “bush restaurant”. Jokingly I remember asking the waitress if we could have the menu. The look she gave me was priceless. The seating arrangement wasn’t ideal either. No booths like we were used to. It just had a few garden chairs and a couple of tables. Overall we all thought we're never coming here again. Well that was until we had that first bite. The T-bone was heavenly!‼ The ‘katapa’(traditional Zambian vegetable made from cassava leaves) was ‘sashilad’(traditional method of preparation of the vegetables with groundnuts) to perfection. The nshima was perfect and smooth (if you've ever had bad nshima, you'll know what I mean). The beans were soooo good for a moment we forgot about all the torture we went through in our past experience at Zambian boarding schools during our highschool days. I think you get the picture, the food was really GOOD!!
Food aside, it was only halfway into the meal that I realised why the lady insisted we eat at that place, It was soooooo Zambian. From the food all the way to the chitenge outfits the waitress was wearing. The owner even came to crack jokes with us. I felt so at home. It’s that experience and familiarity that Top Zed Brands is all about. It’s about celebrating quality and home-made products and services that are #MadeInZambia, by Zambians who want to promote all things #MadeInZambia.
Fast forward  four years, that lady (whose restaurant we went to) now has a whole restaurant to herself at the University of Zambia and it’s not because she was a genius marketer or managed to somehow woo foreign direct investment. It’s because average Zambians like you and me believed in her and took a chance on her small business that was delivering a quality service. To put it simply we bought her food and guess what??? We enjoyed it so much that we did all her advertising and marketing for her. Before she knew it she had to expand her business due to the growing demand for her AMAZING food.
It’s such support for Zambian business that will see our local businesses grow and become forces to be reckoned with, locally and internationally. It starts with us (you and I, spending our kwachas on products and services Made in Zambia)‼ So, let's go out and #BuyZambian , #SupportLocalBusiness & #BuyLocal = #Jobs4Zambia & #MoreMoney4Zambia.

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